Recent sculpture, 2018


“Jigger”, 2018, steel, H103x119x109cm approx.


“Dérangement d’Estomac”, 2018, steel, H109x134x130 approx


“Baroque Pastoral”, 2018, steel, H100x102x104cm approx.


“Norse Laws”, 2018, steel, H96x110x110cm approx.


“Shot Thro'”, 2018, steel, wood, plastic, H84x106x100 approx.


“Sailor’s Trousers”, 2018, steel, stone, H97x109x92cm approx.


“Orangetree”, 2018, steel, wood, stone, H84x97x84cm approx.


“Dark Deeds”, 2018, steel, H101x117x107cm approx.


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